Say Goodnight To Snoring

snore genie snore aid

Meet Snore Genie

The world’s best mask-less, cord-less, hose-less, and drug-less snoring aid. Invented by snorers for snorers. 

Recommended by
professionals worldwide

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Snore Genie is easier to use and much more effective than other snoring aids.

Snore Genie uses:

  • No Sprays
  • No Adhesive
  • No Straps

 On top of that, Snore Genie is nearly invisible when in use.

before snore genie snoring aid
after snore genie snoring aid

Snore Genie Testimonials

"So far it seems to be working. Dramatic reduction in snoring and better sleep."
Beverly P.
Snore Genie User
"This product works!! I don’t know how but it does. Better than the nose strips! Finally a great nights sleep! Thank you!"
Joseph M.
New York City, New York
"Can't really tell if it stops the snoring since I was asleep lol (probably did) however, I do feel much better in the morning when wake up. It does help to have a better quality of sleep."
Steve M.
Austin, Texas
"I didn’t expect this product to work as it looked so simple. Though it far exceeded my expectations. It really controls snoring very well, is easy to use, and is very comfortable as well. I use one at home and keep the other in my carry on as well."
Jean B.
Calabasas, California

"Nothing is as simple and effective to use as the Snore Genie"

"Yes, this small, almost undetectable Snore Genie has worked with flying colos during our test"

"The revolutionary Snore Genie is on it's way to to the top of the snoring aid industry with their effective device"